About us


From childhood, Katerina adored animals. Her room was filled with plush animals, and near her house, you could always find a bird feeder or a stray cat she cared for and fed. As Katerina grew up, she dreamed of a job related to animals. Her dream came true when she met Stanislav. 

Stanislav also loved animals. He had a dog he went for walks with, went on hikes, and even taught tricks. When Katerina and Stanislav met, they immediately realized they had a lot in common. Their shared love for animals brought them closer, and soon they got married. 

One evening, during dinner, Katerina and Stanislav shared their dreams. Katerina confessed that she had always wanted to open a pet store. Stanislav liked the idea, and together they decided to bring it to life. 

The «New and useful» store became a true treasure trove for all animal lovers. Katerina and Stanislav invested not only money but also their hearts into their business. They personally selected each product, carefully examining its composition and quality. In the store, you could find everything needed for the care of any beloved pets: from high-quality toys to cozy beds and clothing.